Hazy Rye IPA

Lazy Eye – Hazy Rye IPA with Crushed Peppercorns.

I really enjoyed how the rye came shinning through in this beer and the crushed peppercorns helped bring out some of the spiciness of the the rye malt.

I adjusted the pdf recipe down into a 5G / 19L version of this brew day.


Hazy Rye IPA – PDF Recipe



Grain Bill

  • 62% – 2-row – USA
  • 27% – Rye Malt – Weyermann
  • 11% – Pale Malt – Weyermann

Hop Schedule

  • 28g – Falconer Flight 7c’s at 60 minutes
  • 28g – Amarillo at Flame Out
  • 28g – Cascade at Flame Out

Dry Hops

  • 28g – Lemon Drop
  • 40g – Citra
  • 40g – Simcoe
  • 43g – Crushed Peppercorn

The hops and peppercorn were added to the fermenter 42 hours after the yeast was pitched soon after high krausen.


Mash at 150°f / 65°c for 60 minutes. Separate the wort from the grains. Boil for 60 minutes. Chill and add flame out hops.

Chill to 65°f / 18° or your desired fermenting temperature.

Dry Hop just after High Krausen around 40-50 hours after you pitch the yeast.

Give it a few weeks or so and your ready to package your beer and enjoy.


I used A24 Dry Hop yeast from Imperial.

You can use what ever you want. Dry Hop is not the most juicy yeast out there. London III Wyeast and Juice by Imperial are excellent and much better suited for a beer of this style.

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