Blonde Ale done 3 ways

Blonde Ale – Citrus, Chico, or Juice Yeast

This is a great blonde beer that you can make into a slammer, something hazy / juicy, or a full flavor pale ale.

I brewed a big batch of wort 19G/72L and split it into 3 fermenters. Each fermenter received a different yeast and a different hop variation. I adjusted the pdf recipes into 3 separate 5G / 19L version of this brew day.

Citrus Blonde – Citrus Yeast – PDF Recipe 

Juicy Blonde – Juice Yeast – PDF Recipe

Crush Blonde – Chico 101 Yeast – PDF Recipe


Grain Bill

  • 72% 2-row – USA
  • 28% Pale Malt – Weyermann

Hop Schedule

  • 14g Centennial at 60 minutes
  • 15g Mosaic at Flame Out
  • 15g Citra at Flame Out
  • 15g Idaho #7 at Flame Out

Dry Hops

I dry hopped each fermenter different. Check out the pdf recipe downloads to see how each beer is different.

One of my favorite hop combos right now is Idaho #7 and El Dorado.


Mash at 150°f / 65°c for 60 minutes. Separate the wort from the grains. Boil for 60 minutes. Chill and add flame out hops.

Chill to 65°f / 18° or your desired fermenting temperature.

Let it ferment for a couple of weeks.

Dry Hop 5 days or so before you want to package your beer.

Package your beer and enjoy.


I used 3 different yeasts for this brew day.

Propagate Labs 101 Chico yeast – nice clean yeast.

Imperial Labs Citrus – I really like this yeast it brings out some great characteristics out of the hops.

Imperial Labs Juice- This is a good yeast to use for hazy juicy style beers. I also would recommend London III.

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